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I must start off screaming from the rooftop. I took an editorial class and loved it. I believe with great creative practice I just might become great. Click to take a look and find all the times I appear in the video.

2016 has been a year of discovery. You know when you are just cruising through life on warp speed. Every opportunity offered you grab. Every meeting you make time for. You give and give and give until there really is nothing left. I found myself meeting people and networking myself away. I do love this business. I was born to give. Some give and some take. It’s not a bad thing. IT IS WHAT IT IS.
My PATH is self discovery. I understand what I can do behind my chair. I understand the collaboration of artists to take one photo. I’ve always collaborated with my photographer and friend Julie Hopkins, Owner of Camera Creations. I’m finding that the select few do everything themselves.
I thought that doing the hair color and smoothing treatment and styling was enough of me. Then Julie my photographer takes over. We discuss a couple times about a photoshoot. It maybe just a simple before and after or a complete How to Video. We like to be ready the day of. Julie and I know that models and others might say something to change the direction of the shoot. Because Julie and I meet and discussed via email via message and in person. We know what we are doing. Nobody will change the vision of my photoshoot except for ME.
I’m getting better at communicating with everyone before a video shoot or photoshoot day. Ya know it really matters that everyone on camera has a bit of make-up on and wearing solid colors please.

Watch for it, it’s coming…

Honest Hair Co. Distribution
I’m so excited to write this month. I generally I love telling all of you my exciting journey behind my hair. Haha this month wow. I’m really doing it. I’m in the very beginning stages of BRANDING Honest Hair Co. Distribution
I’m starting my very own Hair Product Distribution Company. Just writing it down feels to good. Uber powerful. Silly me. I’ve been searching for another company to represent for quite some time. Nothing ever felt completely right. I always had that ounce of question in the back of my head. Saying hmmm not completely sure. Build the relationship. Let’s see what happens in 6 months. I’ve been meeting and chatting away. Loving every ounce of my journey.
Actually, I didn’t even know I was on a journey. I really thought I had a straight line in this business. I tell people when networking exactly what I will or can do for them. Honest speaks Honest. Time will only tell. For Patricia Lynn it starts with building the relationship first. Everything else business will fall right into place.
Some of us, like myself are a bit over the top with certain aspects of running a business. I take care of all of my social media. I create all of my own content. I blog. I write this monthly newsletter. I’ve guest blogged. I love to write about hair products or tools that I use and love. That very concept will be the beginning of the branding for Honest Hair Co. Distribution.

Here is a training video for one of the products that will be part of Honest Hair Co Distribution. This video is really for people behind the chair and not in the chair, but watch if you are interested in what will happen if you choose this treatment.

Remember! Who ever you are, the most successful people in your profession are getting their hair cut by the same person every 3-4 weeks. Just ask them. Then call me and set your next appointment. (310) 384-9360

Additional Services I’ve added in 2014, Concierge Services: I travel to you home, office or hotel

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